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1. Chimsoro Group of Companies – Mukushi, Zambia
Duration: 4 weeks

Chimsoro are arguably the single largest maize and wheat cropping business in Zambia with plantings of +/-10,000ha per cropping season. They also operate a milling company and a polymer bag company in addition to sugar farming and other business interests.

We conducted a comprehensive independent business review of the group of companies and evaluated the group’s operational circumstances, performance, governance, management and financial requirements. This was on behalf of a consortium of banking institutions that the group was exposed to.

2. INOVAGRO – Nampula, Mozambique

We conducted a strategic review and feasibility re-assessment for the creation of Gurue’ Extension Advisory Services (SEAG) as a private for profit enterprise. This was on behalf of INOVAGRO a project established by the Swiss Co-operation PSD as a vehicle to channel support for “pro-poor” growth in Northern Mozambique.

Our report resulted in the significant re-focus and cost saving to the project.

3. MATEP – US-AID, Zambia
Duration: 2 weeks

We were contracted by MATEP – ZAMBIA (DAI/US-AID), to investigate and report on the potential demand in Zimbabwe for Zambian produced white beans (canned and dried), groundnuts, peanut butter and related seeds and to identify the potential markets and specific consumers of these products in Zimbabwe, and any constraints or restrictions in their importation into and distribution in Zimbabwe.

This survey was part of a broader initiative covering D.R.C, Botswana and Namibia. Our component report was fully accepted and integrated into the final and full report, and resulted in the commissioning of a further study to specify ways to improve market access into Zimbabwe for the above and additional agro-based products and processed foods and the consideration of setting up border warehouses.

4. Msanza Resorts Limited – Lusaka, Zambia
Duration: 2 weeks

A banana and horticulture farming business in Chirundu, Zambia, (+/-2,000ha estate) which also has operations in pig production and pork processing.

On behalf of the Zambia National Commercial Bank (Zanaco), we conducted an independent business review and diagnostic analysis of the business to determine failure lines, turnaround prospects, funding requirements, human capital requirements, management deficiencies and the likelihood of financing institutions recovering their loans without formal receivership.

5. Msanza Resorts Limited – implementation contract
Duration: 18 months

Phase 1 involved determining the financing needs for capital expenditure and working capital to turn around the business, which amounted to Kwacha 3.5 billion (+/-USD800,000), and was fully funded by the Zambia National Commercial Bank; supervising the draw-down of the financing facility and monitoring its application. 

Phase 2 involved management capacitation, in particular the identification and development of key and strategic managers being the General Manager, Accountant, Farm Managers and the constitution of an independent Board of Directors.

6. Savanna Beef Company Limited – Chongwe, Zambia
Duration: 2 weeks

A leading beef and poultry abattoir that produced processed and packaged meat and chicken products using latest technology and was previously certified for European Union markets. 

We were engaged by MATEP, a DAI/US-AID sub-organization to assess efficiency, quality and ability of the company to re-engage EU based markets.

7. Scirocco Group of Companies – Lusaka, Zambia
Duration: 2 weeks

A cement manufacturing company that also produces aggregate  stone, building blocks and premixed concrete. They are also into copper mining and long-haul transport as separate businesses.

We were engaged by Barclays Bank plc Zambia, to investigate and report on management and company structures, human capital assessment, performance, borrowing facilities, strategy, capacity to continue as a going concern, potential to rationalize businesses and to recommend appropriate re-alignments.

8. Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe

An association of the 32 municipalities and urban councils of Zimbabwe.

We conducted an organizational review of the association and made recommendations for its strengthening, capacitation, efficiency, improved effectiveness and enhanced financial control.

We also developed a 5 year strategic plan  for the association, and operational policy documents (human resources, finance and administration, service charter, vehicle and travel) for the association.

9. Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) - Zimbabwe.

We prepared a business financing proposal for the construction and capacitation of an independent examinations printing press as a stand alone business venture. Project value, US$13 million.

10.Zimbabwe Tobacco Association - Zimbabwe

We conducted a feasibility study  for establishing a tobacco contract growing company incorporating a business plan and financial projections.

Project value, US$7 million per cropping season.