Our Pledge to Clients, Our Customer Service Charter


As JSM Consulting we aim to provide you, the client, with unparalleled services which consistently meet the highest quality, professional and ethical standards. We aim to earn your unqualified trustand confidence in all our dealings with you by providing the most appropriate solutions to your needs. Our solemn pledge is that, at a minimum, and in all cases, we will:


  1. Fully consult and involve you in the manner in which we execute our engagements with you, so that you fully own the evolving solutions;
  2. Deploy experienced and competent consultants and staff, knowledgeablein the specific work required;
  3. Be honest and open in all our dealings with you and we will always tell you what we can do and what we cannot, or will not do;
  4. Render professional, trustworthy, cost-effective and affordable products, services and solutions, which meet your needs and satisfy international best practice;
  5. Treat in confidence any information we receive on you and your business interests, and treat you with civility, respect, courteousness and professionalism;
  6. Strive to meet all our commitments to you and ensure the timely delivery of outputs based on agreed terms of reference, work plans and timelines;
  7. Conduct client satisfaction surveys for each completed assignment so that we learn from your feedback;
  8. Respond timeously to any queries and complaints from you (which we do not anticipate!) and expeditiously resolve any omissions and failings in our service;
  9. Ensure that our consultants are informed and kept abreast on the latest trends and practices that have a bearing on our service to you;
  10. Make ourselves accessible to you to the widest extent possible through use of modern technologies including the mobile telephony, instant messaging, skype, conference calls, emails, etc.


That is our pledge to you.